New Northern Spire Outdoor Screen Going Live!

New Northern Spire Outdoor Screen Going Live!

After the plans for the gigantic LED screen overlooking the A123 at Spire Bridge were agreed, Smart Outdoor’s prime location screen will go LIVE 11th November 2019.

The P5 screen measures a whopping 18 square metres. For anyone unfamiliar with screen technicalities, this means the screen is extremely high quality.  Thus producing the most clear images which can be seen perfectly at long distance. Due to the location, the screen will only show static images to avoid distraction of drivers. However, thanks to Smart Outdoor’s most intelligent software clients ad’s can be updated on a regular basis. Therefore, we can promote different messages and remain even more eye-catching. 


The screen will be located on side of W H FOSTER wall, facing the busy A123, on the South side of the River Wear. As a result, this prime location reaches drivers commuting into Sunderland’s vibrant and continuously improving City Centre. Using this route daily commuters travel from around the North East region. This includes; Newcastle, Gateshead, South & North Tyneside, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough and beyond. 


The Spire bridge is part of Sunderland’s £70.8 million Strategic Transport Corridor. One of the main reasons for this is to make the City Centre easily accessible and attractive to people living in and around the Sunderland area. The Spire Bridge also includes a public pathway quickly linking pedestrians to both sides of the thriving City.


The Spire Bridge screen is the latest addition to Smart Outdoor’s quickly expanding portfolio. With other screens positioned precisely in the best locations around the region, it’s safe to say Smart Outdoor are brightening up the North East and bringing 21st century advertising opportunities to your doorstep.

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Smartoutdoor’s next screen is set to be an iconic! A wrap around, LED screen fitted to Sunderland’s The Bridges Shopping Centre’s external stairwell. This is due to go live soon after the Spire Bridge screen. The future is looking very bright for the North East and Smart Outdoor.


Smart Outdoor are now taking bookings for ALL new and current screens, please contact 0191 260 0403 or email for enquiries or for any information including details on other screens.