Winter’s Coming!

Winter’s Coming!

Although officially Winter does not begin until 1st December, it sure does feel like it! Dark nights, freezing temperatures and the Christmas rush beginning to set in. It only feels like 2 minutes ago and it was June.

Where has the time gone? Is anyone else feeling unprepared?

Not to worry we have all your winter advertising needs covered. Winter is a joyful time full of festive events, a rise in shop sales from those Christmas shoppers and all the lovely things we associate with this exciting time of year.  With so much going on, don’t let your business be forgotten! We want you to be centre of attention this Winter. Due to the rise of companies advertising during this time, you need to advertise SMART to be noticed and remembered.

I’m sure we can all agree some of the best winter advertisements include retailer John Lewis, who are known for their heart touching television advert they release every year.

However, you don’t need to break the bank creating a multi million pound TV commercial. Studies have recently found a decrease of one third of young people not watching LIVE TV. Perhaps it’s now time to start thinking outside the box.

Welcoming Digital Out of Home Advertising!

Here are 3 brilliant ways to ensure your brand succeeds this Winter!

1 SMART Technology Advertising

Thanks to SmartOutdoor’s incredible and most intelligent technology in Europe, we can allow you to create campaigns which are sure to stand out from crowd. Adverts can be scheduled precisely to certain dates and time, to ensure no festivity or winter news is missed.  Adverts can also link to the current weather and temperature. Not only this, but adverts can be designed and played when specific demographics and target audiences are with proximity.

Take a look at Gordons Pink Gin Weather Associated Advert which is an example of SMART technology using DOOH;

Using tools like the weather enables brands to communicate to an audience. This is not only engaging, but is gives the a specific message to the public. For example, the Gordons Pink Gin advert only played when it was sunny stating the obvious that it was sunny and teasing people with how great their product tastes on a hot sunny day. This allows brands to target specifically and play with the audiences emotions and senses.

This advert could easily be changed to target during Winter by changing the wording and playing at different times of the day. ‘Why not, it’s Christmas’ Which could play on evenings and weekends.

2 Changing Your Regular Advert

Secondly even without using the SMART technology, engaging DOOH campaigns during Winter can be just as effective with a ‘well suited ad’. They say Winter is the ‘Party Season’ along with Christmas festivities, family gatherings, comfort food, mulled wine, log fires and the list goes on. Creating an advert which incorporates one or few of these things appeals to audiences more rather than a brands standard all year round advert. For example; something as simple if you owned a home improvements company you could use photos of a home with a Christmas tree, with a family gathered round the fire looking happy as can be! It has been found that brands which change their adverts regularly to keep up with the time of year have proven more engaging than those which did not.

3 Suiting Your Brand To The Season

Don’t worry, we aren’t asking you to change your brand, we are simply suggesting you add to it. One effective way is to create a special offer eg; SCS sofas’s offer an ‘Order now, free delivery in time for Christmas’. This encourages audiences to plan ahead and create urgency as everyone wants their home sorted and new sofa time for Christmas.

Another way is to create seasonal limited edition items to your stock, eg; Greggs Bakery launch a Festive Bake available over winter only. It can be so easy to make the Winter season sales advantage for your company. All these things can be successfully promoted via DOOH.

Here at SmartOutdoor we still have some space to create fantastic advertising opportunities over this Winter 2019. We urge all Restaurants, Hotels, Travel Agents, Retailers and ALL other brands to get in touch to ensure their company doesn’t get lost this Winter! However, you will need to hurry as Winter is ALMOST HERE! We look forward to helping you with your Winter advertising campaign.

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