March 27, 2024

Business Charity Awards: Parkinson’s Campaign Award Entry

Since 2021 we have been working with the organisation Parkinson’s UK to deliver awareness and amplifying the voices of those living with the condition. Parkinson’s is something that is close to our heart, with our MD, Mark Catterall, being diagnosed with the condition in 2019, so our aim to support it in all ways possible.

Last year, Parkinson’s UK approached us to support World Parkinson’s Day and help deliver a campaign that would give people with the condition a platform to express themselves through poetry. Their work was showcased on digital billboards across the country to raise awareness of the condition and break down misconceptions about it, we donated £350,000 of outdoor media space to help the campaign take flight, while Mark extended this to nearly £1 million worth of advertising on over 2000 screens with other outdoor media partners donating space too. 
The work has since has since been nominated for the Business Charity awards 2024.

Parkinson’s UK was founded in 1967 to try to bring more information and insight in to the disease. They are the largest European charity continually providing funding for research and helping those in need, to find out more about their work click here.