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No matter how creative or eye catching your ad is, it’s only valuable if it’s seen by the intended audience – and that’s where Programmatic Advertising comes in, and that’s why we use it at Smart Outdoor.

Programmatic Advertising works by collecting data from mobile phones which, in return, help us understand where consumers go, how they spend their time, and which paths they take meaning we can specifically schedule your adverts to reach the right person at the right time. It’s rich and reliable data meaning we act accordingly.

As well as targeting people, we can specifically play ads depending on other measurable parameters, such as the weather, temperature or time of day.

This means that your ad is only getting played when it’s relevant to capitalise on the target audience seeing it, meaning a greater return on investment.

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From the moment you log in, you’ll be guided through a step-by-step process that is both quick and easy to navigate.

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First, you’ll select the dates and times for your campaign to suit your needs.

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We really mean it when we say flexibility comes as standard.

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Select advanced options including demographics, weather and even pollen index!

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Once you’ve selected your preferences you can choose the specific screens in the best locations. Our software will then reveal the number of people you can reach daily.

Need some inspiration?

We’ve help numerous different brands and companies across several different business sectors bring their campaigns to life, with our vast advertising screen portfolio. Take a look at a few great case studies below…

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