National D4 Network

Soon to achieve a national network of 500 D4 screens – reaching an average weekly footfall of 8.9m.

The UK’s leader in motorway services has endorsed Smart Digital Network in an effort to provide their customers with a high level of covid-safety reassurances.

We are helping Moto to brighten people’s journey and provide customers with a pleasant, safe and comfortable environment by installing sanitiser stations in prominent, high-traffic areas including entrances, exits and washroom facilities.

With 122 screens across the UK, our Smart D4 portfolio within Moto provides advertisers with an exciting opportunity to reach a wide array of audiences and customer types, from impulse buyers, families, holiday-makers, private & commercial motorists and more.

Our Screens
D4 Screens in 53 Locations
MOTO Sites
transactions per year, per MOTO site
visits to MOTO sites per month
Who visits

61% of visitors are Men
39% of visitors are Women

Age 18-34
Age 35-54
Age 55+
During their stay
73% of visitors use washroom facilities
52% of visitors stay for food and drink
Why are visitors travelling
Travelling for leisure
Travelling for business/commuting

Shopping Malls

Identifying and reacting quickly to the evolving desires of the customer is vital to creating meaningful interactions.

The shopping experience has undoubtedly changed dramatically, with more customers than ever engaging with digital content in retail environments.

Our D4 screens enable retailers to blend digital and physical experiences for consumers, and for brands to create multi-channel advertising campaigns with scope to capture audiences through their devices as well as their immediate surroundings.  

With 75 screens positioned in high-traffic areas within shopping malls across the UK, brands have an unmissable opportunity to capture impressions throughout the customer journey and influence their spending behaviour by offering discounts and promotions. Notably, our panels have the ability to support QR codes which can direct customers to further brand content in-store or online – helping to assure a strong response of engagement and future potential to spend with your brand.      

Our Screens
D4 Screens in 22 Locations
Visit shopping malls across the UK
Impulse buy when in a retail environment
Over 50%
Average dwell time at regional centres
0 Minutes