April 28, 2023

Smart DOOH Network Announces Further Expansion in the North West of England

The Smart Digital Network continues to expand as it adds another 11 Roadside large format screens to its portfolio in the North West of England in key cities such as Liverpool & Manchester, and towns in Greater Manchester, offering the best D48’s in Bury and Rochdale and the best D48 in Crewe, Cheshire. Also the affluent suburbs such as Stockton Heath, Bramhall, Southport, Hoylake, Chorlton & Crosby.

With these screens, and also through the partnership with IQOOH, there is now a new North West & Greater Mcr. pack that is incentivised to encourage trial of new clients and create a one stop shop with 80 DOOH screens in this key region. 

The screens represented by the Smart Digital Network is now over 550, and comprises both large format in the North of England, plus Scotland, and small format across the U.K. located in significantly high footfall areas and high dwell times. The company uses real-time audience monitoring technology through Data Jam to monitor how many unique impressions their displays generate across the D4 Network. Another 50 D4 screens are also being added over the next month to the network that covers petrol convenience stores taking the small format of D6/D4’s to over 450.

Julian Carter, Commercial Director at SDN, said:  “By bringing together independent, forward-thinking businesses, we’re not only able to provide our customers with a more cost-effective solution that is great value, but also a smarter and more flexible way to do business and hopefully make everybody’s life easier. We are already No.1 in the North East for large format DOOH, and continue to grow and expand across the North.